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At the time of making the funeral arrangements, it is not always easy to determine what your future requirements will be regarding memorials. In the case of existing memorials, it will probably be necessary to remove the stone from the grave prior to the funeral. When the funeral has taken place, it can take some months (typically 12), depending on the condition of the ground, before the grave will be ready to replace the headstone, or erect the new one.

We provide a fully comprehensive memorial consultation service, offering advise and arranging for our stonemason to renovate existing memorials or the renewal or repair of damaged lettering or stones. Our stonemason can also provide new memorials, designed and suited with your own personal wishes in mind.


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Refurbishment and Renovation


Over the years the elements can take their toll on a memorial. We see many memorials which have lost their lustre and inscriptions have faded. In our Stonemason's hands they can restore a memorial to its former glory by carefully removing the engrained grime in the stone and where necessary restoring the inscription. They will also replace any missing or damaged flower containers as part of the service. If the memorial is unlevel or unstable we will advise you of the cost and if this is a health and safety issue with the local authority.

If you are interested in having a memorial cleaned or refurbished we can arrange our registered stonemason to visit the grave and inspect the memorial free of charge with no obligation to proceed with our quotation.


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The size of a memorial is generally governed by the appropriate burial authority and we can check all these regulations for you before you make your final choice.

Where a memorial is desired in a Local Authority Cemetery, before any memorial work can proceed, the registered owner of the grave must usually sign an application form showing the material, dimensions, design and inscription desired. So long as these conform to the regulations our stonemason would be issued with a permit to carry out the work. We can organise the necessary paperwork on your behalf. There is normally a fee payable to the Authority for granting permission.

Where a memorial is desired in a Churchyard, before any memorial work can proceed, the Incumbent of the Church must give permission for the requested memorial to be placed.  Every Churchyard is different regarding the regulations for type of materials used, dimensions, design and inscription of the memorial, it is usually recommended that we check the regulations before you make your final choice.  There is normally a fee payable to the Church for granting permission.





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